Parent Information

Youth Ballroom Dance Camp 2020

Welcome to camp! We are excited that you have chosen to enroll your child at the Simply Ballroom Youth Ballroom Dance Camp! Please carefully read the following information regarding the camp. Should you have any questions, contact Simply Ballroom at or by phone at 402-933-6678.

Camper Code of Conduct
In order to maintain a safe and peaceful camp environment we require parents and campers to read and comprehend the importance of abiding by the following code of conduct.
I will follow the camp schedule. I will bring only the listed items to camp. I will respect counselors, directors, and other campers by not using foul language, name calling or fighting. I will follow all safety rules set forth by the camp staff.

Monday – Wednesday
Drop off time – 4:30pm
Pick up time – 9:00pm

Sunday Showcase
Drop off time – Noon  

Showcase Starts at 1:00pm

Your child  may want to come early to practice for the showcase. Practice time is scheduled from noon – 1:00pm. Remember the doors open at noon for guests and the show starts at 1:00pm. Please make sure your child is dresses and ready to go no later than noon.
Kids need to stay till the end of the showcase to get their certificate of participation if possible.

Questions & Answers
1) How can I get a DVD or photos of the camp and showcase?
There will be forms on the tables at the showcase for you to fill out a purchase your video & photos.
2) When can I purchase showcase tickets and when is the deadline to purchases them by.
Because this is a catered event, we need to know how many tickets you will need by TBD. We urge you as soon as you register talk with the family and purchase tickets as soon as possible. We sell out every year and space is limited. There will be NO refunds or tickets sold after the registration deadline which is July 1st 2019.

3) Do I need to purchase a ticket for my child for the showcase?
Yes, the spectator ticket is just to cover the cost of the meal for the showcase. There is no fee for you child to perform.
4) What should my child wear to the dance classes?
Kids should wear socks for class or ballroom dance shoes. Dress is casual but we ask that children do not wear tank tops or sports bras with tank tops. T-shirts and jeans are fine. (no cell phones in class).
5) What should my child wear for the showcase?
Males must perform in black dress pants, black dress shoes, white long sleeved dress shirt and solid black tie. The females must wear a knee length cocktail dress for rhythm and a floor length formal dress for smooth.
6) Are meals provided?
For camp we do not provide meals we suggest the kids pack light snacks. They will have breaks every 45 minutes to use the restroom, get water or grab a quick snack.  Sunday Showcase we will have a full catered dinner for everyone right after the show.
7) Should my child sign in everyday?
Please make sure to remind your child to sign in everyday. This is important to keep track of the kids as they come in and out of the ballroom.
8) Where can we park?
Please park in the parking >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
9) What if my child needs to miss a day or can not do the showcase?
It is important kids attend camp every day as well as the showcase so they don’t fall behind or hold up the class. Attending the show is very important so that everyone will have a partner to dance with. If you child needs to miss class or the show please let us know well in advance.
10) Will my child have breaks?
Your child will have breaks every 45 minutes to use the restroom or get some water. During this time if they need to make a call or check messages they can. Phones need to be on vibrate as soon as they enter the building. There will be no cell phones allowed in the classroom. If the teacher see’s a child on their phone they will be asked once to put it away if they see them a second time the phone will be taken away from the child until break.
11) How can I register my child for camp?
For your convenience you can register right here on our website. Please visit Register My Child.
12) How can I make a donation to this camp?
For your convenience you can make your donation right here on our website. Please visit Make a Donation.
13) Do I have to make a donation to register my child?
No, Although your donation could be very helpful in the continued success of our camp it is not required. We feel ballroom dancing for kids is necessary for Omaha and we could use your help in raising the funds so every child can participate.
15) Can my child bring his cell phone?
Yes, but they are not allowed in the classroom and only to be used on breaks. Before they enter the ballroom they need to be switched to vibrate.
16) Does my child need any experience in dancing to attend this camp?
No, we start your child from scratch. We have fun easy ways of teaching the classes so everyone can learn at any age or any skill level.

17) What if my child does not behave in class?

Camp is meant to be a fun, educational and recreational activity. For the benefit of all campers, it is important that children behave appropriately. If it becomes necessary to take disciplinary action against a student, the steps that will be followed are outlined below.
1st incident: The camper will receive a verbal warning and an explanation as to why the behavior is inappropriate (whenever possible, this will be done in a one-on-one setting removed from other campers).
2nd incident: Staff will determine an appropriate consequence for the camperʼs actions (examples may include a “time out” or exclusion from participating in an activity). The camperʼs parent will be notified of their behavior when they arrive to pick up the child.
3rd incident: The child will be excused from the rest of the camp.
18) Hygiene for my child?
Please make sure your child is prepared! This camp is not just about learning how to dance but also how to be a gentleman and a lady. We expect everyone to use their manors. Your child will be dancing a lot so this could be a great time to remind or start to teach your child about proper hygiene for social dances. Deodorant and mouth care is important for dancing with the opposite sex. You don’t want to come off offensive to the other person. Ladies hair should be pulled back if its long in a bun or pony tail if possible. For ladies and gentleman it is polite to have some sort of sleeve to a shirt. No one wants to see a sweaty arm pit!