Building Memories to Last a Life Time!

Simply Ballroom is proud to be one of the first dance studios in the Midwest to specialize in wedding dance instruction. Our dance specialists have choreographed over hundreds of wedding dances, from simple and romantic to beautifully extravagant!

Our certified instructors make every lesson from start to finish fun, easy, and complete. Each wedding couple will have a brief consultation with their instructor to ensure that we are as thorough as possible and you end up with the wedding dance of your dreams!

Wedding Services

•    Bride/Groom                  Father/Daughter
•    Mother/Son                       Wedding Party
•     Children                             Honor Dances

The First Dance

Your first dance is a special moment and is one of the most affordable wedding investments you can make! You will learn something that you will be able to use at other social events and have for a lifetime.

Partner dancing promotes patience, teamwork, trust and cooperation: the ingredients of a great relationship. Couples often say that taking dance lessons with Simply Ballroom has made their first dance as husband and wife one of the highlights of their wedding. Many are still receiving compliments years later!

We believe the “First Dance” is the most romantic, sacred and intimate moment of the wedding reception. Therefore, we feel deeply honored to be a part of creating such a beautiful memory.

Package Information

We offer the first Private Lesson to all wedding couples for only $90!

On this lesson your wedding specialist will have a brief consultation with you, listen to your song and start your choreography. You will be dancing by the end of your very first lesson! We offer a wide variety of wedding packages.

This way you have the flexibility to make your wedding dance as simple or extravagant as you wish!

The Crash Course

Learn a few simple steps to go with your favorite song that will look and feel great in just a few lessons!

3 Private Lessons $270

The Wedding Express

Learn a variety of patterns to your favorite song; and make your special day beautiful and stress free!

5 Private Lessons $450

The Classic Wedding

Convey the warmth and love you have for each other with a personalized dance to your favorite song. Then add on an additional dance style if you wish for when the music picks up the pace and the party heats up!

10 Private Lessons $900

Additional Private Lessons

Add private lessons to your package to get a little final polishing for your first dance, or for your father/daughter, mother/son dances.

Private Group Classes

We offer private group classes for your wedding party.

$25 per person per class (4 person minimum)

For more information on lessons, please call 402-933-6678 or email


Accepted methods of payment: Cash, Check and Charge


Gift Certificates

The gift of dance will last a life time! Personalize your gift certificate for the bride and groom with the package of your choice. Email Simply Ballroom today to schedule a time to pick up your certificate!

Have Simply Ballroom Teach At Your Reception

Spice up your venue! Have one of Simply Ballrooms professional dance instructors entertain your guests. We will be happy to instruct a fun and easy partner dance to get your guests up and moving! For an event quote, please email

Frequently Asked Questions

May we bring our own video camera to tape our wedding dance lessons?

Yes, you may. We encourage it as you will have your lessons on video as a practice tool as well as a memento. You can also use it in the future to remember what you have learned.

Will you go to our venue for a practice with us?

While this may not be necessary, it may be a good idea if your First Dance has intricate choreography and/or a challenging venue. Extra charges will apply.

Can we just take a quick lesson?

Yes. When all you have is a couple of days prior to your wedding to prepare for your first dance, even one to three lesson can make such a difference. However we do encourage couples to start 6 months to a year in advance if possible.

Do we need to bring our song?

Yes, please bring a copy of your song to your first lesson. If you are able to email a copy to your instructor before your first lesson that would be preferred.

We cannot decide what song to bring. Can you help us?

Yes, Simply Ballroom can help you find a song that you both like during your first lesson.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes. You can order some starter packages directly on our website. Please email us for details before purchase if you have any questions.

Can you come to the wedding and teach our guests?

Sure! We will be glad to teach and dance with your guests. We suggest 2 dance instructors to teach a fun and easy dance during cocktail hour or the reception. (Additional charges apply, please cemail us today for an event quote.)

What should we bring?

Please bring your song, shoes similar to what you will wear at the wedding (no flip flops or sneakers). Bring your wedding shoes to dance in midway thru your dance package lessons. Prior to bringing them be sure to scuff up the bottoms of the shoes for more traction.

How often should we attend classes?

Attendance is dependent upon your availability. Typically once to twice a week will be sufficient. Try to start your dance lessons well in advance. Once you decide on a dance package we recommend scheduling all appointments in advance to secure your ideal time slots. We recommend 6 months to 1 year in advance from your wedding date but can accommodate short term as well.

When should we get started?

Ideally you should start your dance lessons 6 months to 1 year before your wedding day. This allows for the unexpected and gives you enough time to take care of other wedding details. However, it is not always achievable. Simply Ballroom prides itself in creating a memorable dance no matter your time challenges.

For more information on lessons, please call us at 402-933-6678 or email

Thank you and we hope to see you dancing soon!